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I was unable to use the previous beta at all.A low-numbered rank means that your website gets a lot of visitors.One cool feature of Camfrog Video Chat is that it allows you to create your own chat room and then

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Golang chat multiroom

golang chat multiroom

Source tokenization, diagnostics and fix-its are actually implemented.
It compiles your route paths into a prefix tree (trie).
Gabomdq/SDL_GameControllerDB - A community sourced database of game controller mappings to be used with SDL2 Game Controller functionality liudf0716/xkcptun - xkcptun is kcp tunnel for sex predators online statistics OpenWRT lede, implemented in c language openglsuperbible/sb7code - Source code and supporting material for the 7th Edition of OpenGL SuperBible.Psankar/simplefs - A simple, kernel-space, on-disk filesystem from the scratch CipherShed/CipherShed - Main CipherShed Development buserror/simavr - simavr is a lean, mean and hackable AVR simulator for linux OSX rampantpixels/rpmalloc - Public domain cross platform lock free thread caching 32-byte aligned memory allocator implemented.Intellectualheaven/ceed - A tiny x86 compiler with ELF and PE target breckinloggins/ngtemplate - ngtemplate - A template engine written in C designed to be syntax-compatible with Google CTemplate adob/print-stmt - Convenient print statement for C zarya/esp8266_i2c_driver - ESP8266 I2C Driver X0rg/CPU-X - CPU-X.Ext/datapack - Testing compression and storage of data inside executable - Demo of Arduino hardware sending data to the cloud.Yubico/yubico-c-client - Yubico C client library valr/cbatticon - A lightweight and fast battery icon that sits in your system tray pgbovine/opt-cpp-backend - C and C visualizer backend for Online Python Tutor freaklabs/chibiArduino - A lightweight 802.15.4 wireless protocol stack for Arduino eriksvedang/Carp - a statically.Fabianishere/brainfuck - Brainfuck interpreter written in C - execute ffmpeg commands through a jni shared library.In November 2004, BitTorrent was responsible for 35 of all Internet traffic.EricssonResearch/openwebrtc - A mobile-first WebRTC client framework for building native apps ossec/ossec-hids - ossec is an Open Source Host-based Intrusion Detection System that performs log analysis, file integrity checking, policy monitoring, rootkit detection, real-time alerting and active response.Shantzu/ClipIt - ClipIt clipboard manager for GTK telehash/telehash-c - telehash tools library in c brianmario/bzip2-ruby - Original libbz2 ruby C bindings from Guy Decoux, with some new love karelia/CurlHandle - Cocoa Class wrapping libcurl kavu/cocoa-go - A simple PoC example of calling Go from Cocoa.Netsukuku/netsukuku - Revived C-code mainroach/crabby - A texture compression algorithm for sprite sheets that allows decompression on the GPU during rendering.
( m ) ThomasAdam/tmux-cvs-archived - Git version of tmux (updated hourly from sourceforge CVS) - NOW archived!
This repo is an import of the official SVN repo with some additions.
Kernighan and Dennis.
Esneider/debug - Debugging like a sir (in C) abstrakraft/cwiid - Linux Nintendo Wiimote interface PaulStoffregen/cores - Teensy Core Libraries for Arduino JazzCore/ctrlp-cmatcher - CtrlP C matching extension dhuertas/AES - AES algorithm implementation in C Themaister/libfmsynth - A C library which implements an FM synthesizer sixstars/ctf.
Please note that this repository is unofficial and pull requests have no chance of being merged.Pforemski/libpjf - A C library of data structures with tools (based on libasn) pd-projects/pd-double - a dev fork of t for working on 64-bit double-precision support ossc-db/pg_bulkload - High speed data loading utility for PostgreSQL osdba/qpipe - Across the network of pipe tools, data sent.For stats and stuff.With the straight linear scalability, Fastsocket can provide extremely good performance in multicore machines.Acg/lwpb - Lightweight Protocol Buffers for C and Python dmage/co2mon - CLI for MasterKit CO2 Monitor cybergarage/mupnp - mUPnP for C is a development package for UPnP developers.GHamrouni/Recommender - A C library for product recommendations/suggestions using collaborative filtering (CF) ctz/cifra - A collection of cryptographic primitives targeted at embedded use.Uses C code orchestrated from Python via ctypes.The tracking sex in the city characters names transformation is useful for when you need a defined metric space of your tracking parameters, or need to account for different user heights in tracking their paths in a space.General Levenshtein algorithm and k-bounded levenshtein distance in linear time and constant space.

It adds the new 'image' type to the SQL, and several functions to process images and to extract their attributes.
Microbuilder/LPC1114CodeBase - Open Source SW Library for NXP's LPC1114 ARM Cortex M0 MCU lyosha/ctags-go - Go support for exuberant ctags jwerle/progress.
We converted the system calls from the original platform to the target platform.


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